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Mark Matson: Why a Suit is Just a Suit

Mark Matson doesn’t always wear a suit.

Not because he doesn’t care, but because he does.

That is, he cares more about the content in his delivery of financial advice than about what he’s wearing.  He cares more about offering value for his clients than flaunting expensive silk ties and suits tailored in mahogany-walled rooms in the city.  He cares more about substance than he does about style.

And this isn’t just promotional, this is personal for Matson.  He does, in fact, care more about you than he does about … suits.

This much is obvious from the free financial advice and updates he delivers on MarkMatson.tv and the messaging of his company Matson Money, Inc.: “Save the Investor.  Save the World.”

In his video about suits not equaling substance, you’ll see why Matson is well-reviewed by investors.  You’ll also see why many “financial professionals” who placed more emphasis on style than substance are now shameful and sorry. Continue reading