Zack Shepard Talks Diversification and Long-Term Strategy

Matson Money Inc., run by investment advisor Mark Matson, believes in diversification.  That means focusing on the long-term, even if it means biting the bullet in the short-term.  This is a belief shared by Matson and his entire team at Matson Money Inc., including Marketing Director Zack Shepard.

In February 2014, Shepard appeared on Fox Businesses’s Biz Blitz and expressed his belief in diversification and long-term strategy in more ways than one.

Making “Dough” from Pizza

The three largest pizza chains in the United States – Dominos, Pizza Hut, and Papa John’s – report that at least 40% of their sales come from online orders. Which makes sense, because, as noted in the segment, the pizza may not be New York style, but it is good and convenient.

No longer do you have to call in to order and risk having the order-taker mess up your pizza.  And no longer do you have to guess when your pizza will arrive.  New technology utilized by these pizza chains now allows you to order online and track your order via phone app or computer in real time.

When asked if he recommends buying stock in these pizza chains, Shepard replied by saying:

“Not only do I like these companies because they have great pizza and cool technology.  I like them because when you add them to over 2,000 other companies in the small cap space, they add 3% premium per year on average.”

Favorable averages – a keyword when dealing with long-term strategy – is something Shepard and Mark Matson love.

Hire Chief Apology Officer or Make Experience Better?

When speaking about the Valentine’s Day problems, Fox Business anchor Charles Payne jokingly asked if companies should start hiring chief apology officers.  After failing to deliver flowers on time – even 3 days late – apologized to upset consumers via social media.

Failing to deliver as promised and apologizing without going above and beyond?  Not a great long-term tactic.

When Payne asked Shepard if the event would hurt the company or be a “non-event” long-term, Shepard said:

“Saying you’re sorry in life and in business typically isn’t enough.  It’s about the experience for the consumer and right now this is not a good one.  They need to make it right for the end consumer … they need to go above and beyond.  This is a life lesson – not just a business lesson.”

Diversify, Diversify, Diversify … It Works

At the end of the segment, Payne asked Shepard what stocks he recommended to Fox Business viewers.  And instead of coming back with a direct answer, he gave sound business advice that Mark Matson and many other successful financial advisors would give.

When Payne asked Shepard “What stocks are you looking for tomorrow?” Shepard replied with a level head and long-term approach in mind.

“I don’t want investors focused on the next 20% because no one knows whether it’s up or down.  I want them focused on the next 200% and staying long-term.  I want them owning equities – the greatest wealth creation tool known to mankind and a direct hook into capitalism.  I want them remaining diversified and re-balancing on highs and lows, and I want them to remember: Short term volatility is exactly that – short-term.”

… representing Mark Matson and Matson Money, Inc. with the investor at the forefront of his thoughts.

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