Let Matson Money Work For You!

Mark Matson is the founder and CEO of Matson Money, Inc., an investment advisor firm created in Cincinnati in 1991 that manages close to $5 billion dollars for investors across the U.S. Through Matson Money, Mark has spoken up for the implementation of the Free Market Portfolio investment strategy, which he claims has “helped thousands of investors nationwide to take a more prudent, long-term approach to investing and growing their wealth.”

Matson Money is an RIA (Registered Investment Advisor) firm that offers a family of mutual fund “funds of funds” that take advantage of the management skills of independently managed mutual funds. The Matson Money team boasts an approach to investing that is based off of Nobel-Prize winning financial and economic principles. Mark feels that “every investor should understand and feel confident about their investment approach.” Let’s review some of the core values that Mark Matson relies upon when striving to get the most for your investment:

1.  Integrity – Matson Money is founded on the principle of consistency in actions, decisions, and in everything they do.

2.  Education – According to Mark, “we never want to stop learning, growing, and creating new ways to help investors. It applies to our investors who we continually develop new tools and educational programs for every day. And it applies to our advisors who we constantly provide new educational tools and training for on an ongoing basis.”

3.  Entrepreneurial spirit – As a small business, they understand that individuals and their unique creativity are catalysts for true change in the world. Matson Money encourages the entrepreneurial spirit of not only its own team, but the independent advisors they work with as well.

Mark’s team wants to dispel the belief that you need a lot of money in order to effectively meet with a financial advisor. While there are plenty of “do it yourself” investment strategy websites, Matson Money does not believe that this is the best method, especially when handling money management for a family, cashing in your social security, or readying yourself for retirement. There are coaches and experts, not just in the Matson family, that are much more equipped to guide you through these situations. According to Mark, “while 23 percent of people seek help through a financial advisor, only 27 percent of that number actually follow through and invest in that strategy.” You shouldn’t pay an advisor and then ignore them, so if the trust isn’t there – it’s time to find a new team to help you.


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